Cultural Policies Data Bank

A compendium of cultural policy summaries
from countries throughout the world
compiled by Culturelink in Zagreb, Croatia

Published on the World Wide Web in 1995
as part of Webster's World of Cultural Policy

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Culturelink's Data Bank provides the most up-to-date picture available on how policy-makers view the current status of policy in their respective countries. The core of the Data Bank was established in 1991-92, through a study commissioned by Unesco of the current state and trends in cultural policy in this international organization's member states. Dozens of countries are included, as listed below.

Culturelink describes itself as a "worldwide Network of Networks" for research and cooperation in cultural development. Culturelink was established in June 1989, the result of a recommendation passed at a metting connvened by Unesco and the Council of Europe, and operates under the aegis of IRMO, the Institute for Development and International Relations in Zagreb, Croatia. For further background on the project which produced these summaries, see the introduction by Culturelink Project Coordinator Biserka Cvjeticanin.

As you will see, these summaries are created by officials in cultural policy circles. They are not always formulated with the aims of cultural democracy in mind, to say the least. So please remember the difference between the "official picture" of life in the United States and what we see on the ground, in our own communities, and take them with a grain of salt. Regardless of their perspective, they provide us with suggestions of how cultural policy and support might operate differently here at home, by learning about what's been done abroad.

Please let us know of your own critical perspectives on what you read here, and other suggestions of places offering different points of view. We look forward to hearing from you.

Listing of Countries Included in the Data Bank

The Continent of Africa

The Continent of Asia

The Continent of Australia and the South Pacific

The Continent of Europe

The Continent of North America

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