Second Thoughts:

An Evaluative Discussion of the

Pedagogy of the Oppressed Conference

University of Nebraska at Omaha, 21-23 March 1996



This document is drawn from wallsheet notes from a discussion session facilitated by Don Adams, Arlene Goldbard, and Holbrook Teter at the Pedagogy of the Oppressed conference at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, 21-23 March 1996. This session, entitled "Second Thoughts," offered participants a chance, near the end of the conference's final day, to express and explore questions, ideas, hesitations or inspirations that emerged (but could not be addressed) during earlier presentations. More than two dozen people participated in the "Second Thoughts" session. It commenced with all participants introducing themselves and offering for consideration one or two key issues on their minds.

As our introductions concluded, it became evident that most of the participants wished to discuss topics having to do with the conference itself -- format, funding, content, and so on. So part way through the allotted time, perhaps a third of the participants (those wishing to discuss specific questions of practice such as classroom teaching) adjourned to another location, and the balance of participants remained to talk about ways to design a conference so that its culture and format were themselves reflective of the principles of liberating education.

Each bulleted paragraph below indicates a new speaker. We began by going once around the circle for issues from each participant, as follows.

Responses to the Conference

What needs further exploration as this conference ends?
What questions, ideas, hesitations, issues and/or inspirations are you left with?
What suggestions do you have for future conferences?

Several participants toward the end of the circle simply indicated their agreement with points raised by earlier speakers: their comments were not recorded separately.

Suggestions for the Future

At this point, some participants adjourned to another site to discuss common issues which emerged in our first exchange. Those remaining (and others who joined the session late) focused on how the conference could be improved next year:

If you attended the conference and have other observations or ideas to share, please send e-mail to us here at Webster's World. We'll post them here.

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