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Webster's World of Cultural Democracy

A World Wide Web center for information and discussion
about the world of cultural democracy

Webster's World of Cultural Democracy is a virtual think-tank -- an online information, networking and conference center -- established by The Institute for Cultural Democracy (ICD) to encourage study and exchange of ideas about cultural policy and cultural development practice.

WWCD aims to provide a center for activist discussion of the vital cultural issues of our day from the perspective of one of the most important ideas to arise in the 20th Century: cultural democracy, an idea incorporating commitments to promoting and supporting pluralism, participation and equity in community life.

Webster's World is being opened to the Web-surfing public in phases, and we are in Phase One. Fundraising has been the main obstacle, and the time that (unfortunately) only money can buy. We're still scrambling to fill in major sections of this ambitious virtual world. In keeping with the values of cultural democracy, we welcome your suggestions and constructive criticism. In fact, we need them.

This project is being carried out under the not-for-profit auspices of the Institute of Cultural Democracy in order to achieve two general aims:

This Phase One of Webster's World's installation provides core materials on cultural policy, a beginning guide to groups that are active in the field, and a series of provocative essays on core issues of the culture of politics, racism, and cultural policy in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world today. Follow the links below.

Please suggest other topics you'd like to see us pursue and groups with whom we should link Webster's World users. Send e-mail by selecting the link at the bottom of every WWCD page.

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